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Regan Watkins

Staff Reporter/Writer

Hi, I’m Regan Watkins, and I’m a 7th grader here at Lincoln Jr. High. I love to read, write, take pictures, listen to music, and play video games. My favorite subjects in school are Language Arts, and Social Studies. Over ...

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Karley Estrada

Staff reporter.

My name is Karley Estrada. I’m in 7th grade I’m 12. 13 monday after fall break . I love creepy/scary stuff. I love drawing anime style. I also love drawing in my own style. I want to learn graphic design and photography. And and...

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Austin Miley

Staff reporter.

Hello, my name is Austin Miley and I am a 7th Grader at Lincoln Jr. High. I like to play video games, I also like to make a create videos. I am so far not involved with anything at Lincoln. I like media and technology, I hope th...

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Keagan Baughman

Staff reporter.

My name is Keagan Baughman. I’m a 8th grader at lincoln Jr. High. I like to works on cars,tractors, and mechanical things.I choose this class because I thought it would be fun.  

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Brice Zeigler

Staff reporter.

My name is Brice. I am a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High. My hobbies and interests include soccer, animals, and drawing. I am involved in the Lincoln orchestra.I hope to learn about photography and angles....

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Andrew Arven

Staff reporter.

Hi My name  is Andrew im a 7th grader at Lincoln jr High. I was involved in the 7th grade football team. One of the things i'm interested in for this class is the sports commentating. One of the things im looking to get better...

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Greggory Quigley

Staff reporter.

My name is Greggory Quigley. I'm a 7th grader at LJH. I have a few hobbies. I like to watch football. I also like hanging out with family and friends. I like media because it gives you a  way to talk to people without meeting ...

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Drew Faulstich

Staff reporter.

My name is Drew Faulstich. I am a 7th grader at LJH. I like Soccer and Video games. I am not involved in any club at LJH. I like to take pictures and I would like to start a youtube channel. I love technology and I am always help...

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Trevor Petzke

Staff reporter.

My name is Trevor Petzke, I’m in 7th grade at LJH. I like to play video games and basketball. At Lincoln I am just a student that just likes to have fun. I hope to learn the basics of graphic design and animation. I hope to...

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Chloe Holen

Staff reporter.

My name is Chloe Holten. I’m a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High School. I play travel basketball and I’m on a national volleyball team. We went to nationals in Orlando, Florida, this year and got second. We were the younges...

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Giovanni Mendez

Staff reporter.

Hi, my name is Giovanni Mendez. I am a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High. I live in Plymouth, IN. One of my hobbies is playing soccer and learning new tricks. I love to freestyle with the soccer ball; I also love to learn new ...

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Emelin Rodriguez

Staff reporter.

My name is Emelin Rodriguez I’m in 7th grade PBL. My interest is playing soccer. I also like to read all day long. I’m not in anything here at Lincoln Jr High. The part I like about technology is that we learn more about it ...

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Blake Dodson

Staff reporter.

My name is Blake Dodson I’m a 7th grader in lincoln junior high. My hobbies is to draw and build and drive nitro RC trucks. I’m not in any thing yet and  when I grow up I want to be an artist. I want to learn how to video ta...

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Jacob Friberg

Staff reporter.

My name is Jacob Friberg I am a 7th grade student. I like to work with wood and to make random things. I have played football my entire life loving it every step of the way. I am also in Lincoln Legends which is a dancing and ...

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Keylin Rodriguez.

Staff reporter.

My name is Keylin Rodriguez. I’m a 7th grader non-pbl student in Lincoln Junior High. My hobbie is to play with my sister after school. My interests is usually learning something new and playing soccer but at the moment i’m ...

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Lani Hunter

Staff reporter.

My name is Lani Hunter, I am a 7th grader in LJH and I enjoy running and cheer.  I was in Cross Country for 9 weeks and I hope to get to know how to use all the equipment and get to be a part in storm radio....

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Morgan Ives

staff reporter

My name is Morgan Ives. I am a 7th grader at LJH. I am currently writing my own book as my passion. My favorite sport is football. My favorite teams are Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills. I want to film in the newscast....

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Cameron Ewing

Staff reporter.

Hello, my name is Cameron Ewing. I am a seventh grader at Lincoln Jr. High a hobby I have is I love to read and I am involved in the World culture club at Lincoln. What I am interested in doing in Mass Media is talking on the...

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Clare Sheedys

Staff reporter.

My name is Clare Sheedy and I’m a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High, I play both Basketball and Volleyball, I actually play for the dunes which is a club out of New Prairie. At Lincoln I played for the volleyball team and I...

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Katie Thielmann

Storm radio

Katie Thielmann is a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior high. She moved her a year and a half ago. She loves running and writing stories and she has a funny character. She loves god, and drawing. She loves journaling. She loves workin...

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Cruz Dominguez

Photography and Story Segments

Cruz is a eighth grader at Lincoln Jr. High. Cruz is going back to Lincoln.Cruz is good with social media.Cruz likes to play soccer and football.Cruz likes to be a free kid and go all out.Cruz can be spiritual sometimes like him...

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Salvader Rhoads


Salvader Rhoads is a seventh grader at Lincoln Junior high. He likes to play video games but also likes to go outdoors. His favorite class so far is PLTW 1. He wants to be photographer in his mass media class. A man without a mu...

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Tallulah Gault

Storm TV

  Tallulah Gault is an 8th grader at LJH.  She enjoys playing basketball and running cross country. She was the worker of the video board in the Digital Storm Studio. Besides sports in her free time she enjoys using ...

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Alivia Simson

Storm TV

Alivia Simpson is an 8th grade student at LJH. Her skills are baking goodies and getting along with everyone she meets. Alivia’s hobbies are eating and hanging out with friends.   “Try to be a rainbow in some...

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Logan Banks

Storm Radio

Logan Banks Logan Banks is an average at student Lincoln Junior High.He is a 8th grader that has lived in Plymouth for six years now.His favorite thing to do in his past times is study the ancient worlds and learn the cult...

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Kendalle Verkler

Photography and Story segments

Kendalle Verkler is a 7th grader. She has many hobbies but her favorite one would be scuba diving with her family. Her top interest in school is being able to be with all of her friends. She was scared in the beginning. Knowin...

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Tori Vancza

Storm Radio

Tori Vancza is a 8th grader that goes to Lincoln Jr. High. She has expeirenced working with imovie,radio and the internet. She’s not afraid to go around the school and interview students and teachers. Tori foucused more on reporting...

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Kylee Dalton

Storm TV

Kylee Dalton is in 7th grade this year at Lincoln Junior High. She particularly enjoys writing. She takes interest in editing. She loves to bake and read. She does not believe in giving up. When she grows up she would like to ...

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Naomi Dorantes

Storm TV

Naomi Dorantes is an 8th grader at Lincoln Jr. High. Some of her hobbies include playing soccer and basketball. One of her skills in Mass Media is that she's able to edit iMovies well. In school, she is interested in Gym and Hu...

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Kendra Howard

Storm Radio

Her name is Kendra, she’s 13th year old, she look nice and i think she was in this class last year as a journalist. She plays soccer as a defensive player. Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into ...

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Madison Stiles

Strom TV

Madison Stiles is an 8th grader at Lincoln Junior High. Madison enjoys controlling the audio, getting time on screen as anchor, and being floor manager in the Storm Tv Studio. During the school day, she is most interested in ...

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Bennett Christy


Bennett Christy is a seventh grader who has great skills in math. He is very into fishing and watersports as hobby’s. His interests are technology and orchestra. “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle”...

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Tyler Richey

Website Webmaster

Tyler Richey is a student in Mass Media. He is in 8th grade, and his favorite hobby and sport is Wrestling. His interests in school are his homies. “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” - Dan Gable...

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Angelina Lowry


Angelina Lowry is a Seventh Grader attending Lincoln Junior High. She is skilled in the art of Photography, and has done extensive work in the writing area. She enjoys playing Basketball, competing in Fencing, and reading as many...

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Lucas Record

Photography and Story Segments

Lucas Record is a 7th Grader at Lincoln Junior High School. He only has four toes on each foot and has had a recent surgery putting screws in his ankles and knees. He has skills that include drumming, filming/editing, and creativity...

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Gabby Garza

Storm TV

Gabby Garza is a student at LJH and is in 8th grade. Gabby’s great at being in front of the camera and would enjoy being outside interviewing.  Gabby plays sports such as soccer, basketball, and archery. Gabby enjoys algeb...

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Drew Harrel

Storm TV

Drew Harrell the 8th grade phenomenon from Lincoln Junior High School.  He is very skilled with the radio and dominates in the studio.  His hobbies are golf, basketball, and tennis he also enjoys long walks on the beach. Some o...

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Emma Janda

Storm TV

Emma Janda is an eighth grader at Lincoln Junior High. In media she enjoys being the anchor in tv, and helping out in the studio. Other than doing media, Emma enjoys horseback riding, cheer, and track. She also enjoys being on...

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Olivia Horvath

Strom TV

Olivia Horvath is an 8th grader at Lincoln Jr. High.  Olivia enjoys participating in Mass Media in the TV Studio.  Her skills include doing the sound board and being the floor manager for LJH Digital Storm.  Olivia’s hob...

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Jeffrey Osorto

Photography and Story Segments

  Biography: Jeffrey is in the 8th grade at Lincoln Junior High. He likes to take pictures of things he has some experience to take photos he likes to play with his friends hang out. He wants to be a doctor but also likes...

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Leah Tanner

Photography and story segments

Leah Tanner is a seventh grader at Lincoln Junior High. Her hobbies include baking and playing Pokemon Go. She was excited to become a new student at Lincoln. She enjoys animals and would like to become a veterinarian or a mari...

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Owen Blanchard

Website webmaster

Owen Blanchard is a 8th grader at Lincoln Jr. High who loves to be athletic so he plays soccer and participate in cross country. In school he likes PE, Math class, and ICP. Sports are a big part of my life. Cross Country is so...

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Tyler Snyder


Tyler Snyder enjoys filming and showing his face. He has also been a youtube for 2 years. He likes vlogging and making cool videos for his channel. He also likes playing video Games and interacting with people that are nice and d...

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Ana Aguilar

Storm TV

Ana Aguilar is an 8th grader at LJH. She enjoys filming and editing, but also likes playing sports. She really like math and science in school. Last year, Ana was in Mass Media and enjoyed her position as the editor of the Lunch segm...

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Mason Keller

Emaze - LJH Cafe

Mason Keller is a 7th grade student taking mass media. One of his favorite hobbies is going fishing. He also participates in football. He wants to learn about computer specs in mass media and is excited to learn how it works. ...

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Miranda German

Photography and Story Segments

Miranda German is in eighth grader that takes pictures and does a lot of sports. Miranda German skills in media are taking pictures, doing sounds and talking on the radio. One of Miranda German’s quote is “Dream as if you’l...

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Jayden moyer

Photography and Story Segments

My name is Jayden, He goes to school at lJH and at home he does youtube. He now has a interest in media and his  youtube channel. His hobbies are that he likes to play xbox, and he likes the youtube community. I like to help out....

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Alilyana Leech

Storm radio

Alilyana Leech most likely known as Lily she is a 7th grader. Loves her kitten, Her goal is to try being a news anchor for mass media. She also wants to get wonderful grades which is going to be easy for her. She loves to read...

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Austin Kizer

Storm TV

Austin Kizer is currently an 8th grader at LJH. His hobbies include reading, writing, and riding his bike. In Mass Media, his skills mainly concern, but are not limited to, writing, photography, and cinematography. Austin like...

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Kaleigh Kephart

Storm TV

Kaleigh Kephart is an eighth grader at Lincoln Junior High. She recently moved here for her eighth grade year from Culver Community School Corporation. Her hobbies include soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, and readi...

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Grace Hinderlider

Publicity and Social Media

Grace Hinderlider is in 8th grade. She enjoys playing the violin and cheerleading. Her favorite subject in school is Science. In Mass Media, Grace likes to write stories for the website. “Be kind whenever possible. It is al...

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Eric Nunez

Storm TV

Erik was born on August 13,2003. Erik’s family consists of his parents,and his sisters, Isabel and Selia. He loves to play soccer as goalie. Erik has been going to Saint Michael's Catholic school for eight years and now he is a...

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Daniel Bacon

Storm TV

Daniel Bacon is an 8th grade phenomenon. He has skills as an anchor and floor manager. His hobbies are playing sports. His interests in school are math and science.   Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggre...

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Cristina Shortt

Storm Radio

Cristina Shortt is in seventh grade.  She has six brothers/sisters with experience from rebuilding a computer to starting an app.  She has been playing the cello for a year and she enjoys singing.   “I don't suffer from insa...

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Cristian Quiantana

Storm Radio

Cristian Quintana is a 7th grade student at Lincoln Jr. High. Cristian Quintana’s hobbies are more productive hobbies such as sports and reading.Cristan’s favorite subjects are social studies and algebra.Cristian is excited...

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Colin Mills

Storm Radio

Collin Mills is a 8th grader at Lincoln Jr High. He is in the innovation academy. He is apart of the NJHS. Collin is on the 8th grade football team and hopes to return to the A team for basketball team this season. He hopes to b...

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Colin Chupp


Colin Chupp is a seventh grader at Lincoln Jr High. He is a cross country runner at Lincoln Jr High. Last year, he got fifteen out of five hundred fifty runners in a race. He also plays basketball for Lincoln. He is interested i...

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Brenna Large

Publicity and social media

Brenna Large is an 8th grader. She co-wrote, with her partner Grace, DIY Days and wrote ‘Did You Know?’ Brenna loves writing, photography, and drawing. Brenna’s favorite class is Humanities. Striving for excellence motivates you...

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Chloe Garner

Storm Radio

Chloe Garner is an 8th grader at LJH. She has attended Plymouth schools for her entire academic career. Garner’s media skills are found in radio broadcasting and photography. Her interests outside of media lie in orchestra, chee...

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Hayden Hopple

Strom TV

Hayden Hopple is 8th grader at Lincoln Jr High he has many interests in Media. Some of his skills in media are radio and sports shows on the radio. He also have some hobbies like Bowling, Basketball and Golf. Some of my interests ...

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Bradie Naylor

Storm TV

Bradie Naylor is in 8th grade at Lincoln Jr. High School. Media Skills the Bradie has are editing, directing, and taking photos. Some of Bradies hobbies are drawing, taking photos, and playing volleyball. Her favorite subject in school ...

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Stefany Ordonez

Storm TV

Her Name it’s Stefany Ordonez. She’s 14 year old, and she’s in 8th Grade and she was in this class last year.  She said that, this class was fun. And she’s interest in this class a lot. Also she have experience in rad...

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Samantha Paterson

Photography/Story Segments

Samantha Paterson is an eighth grader. She is interested in photography and radio. One of her hobbies is reading and she has been a choir student for three years. She also plans on going to college for a Masters degree in biology...

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Mclayne Houin

Photography/Storys segments

McLayne is a student at Lincoln Junior High in 8th grade.  She recently moved to Plymouth from Virginia Beach.  She enjoys photography, reading, and writing stories.  Her favorite subjects at school are science and art. ...

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Cei Bowen

Storm TV

His name is Cei Bowen. He’s in the 8th grade and he does things in the Tv studio. He does not have many hobbies but he does like doing sports in his free time. The shortest answer is doing. ~Lord Herbert...

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Jenna Abberger

Storm radio

Jenna Abberger is an 8th grader at Lincoln Jr. High. Jenna has a good time working in the studio. In the studio she does the audio board to turn up the volume and turn down. She also does anchor for the tv studio. She likes to...

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Diego Martinez

Digital and graphic editor/designer

Diego is an eighth grader at Lincoln Junior high. He knows how to make intros, work the audio board, and the video board. He enjoys working on his intros making them better. In school he is interested in coding. Occasionally ask...

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Nadie Baca

Animation and film making

Nadia Baca is a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High. She is very good with technology. She also likes to be athletic and play sports such as volleyball and soccer. Her favorite subject is math. Life is not always fair. Sometimes y...

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Grace Trefren

Photography/Story segments

Grace Trefren is an 8th grader that recently moved from Culver and now goes to Plymouth Lincoln junior high. She wants to go to Culver Girls Academy and then college. She used to live in Colorado and she lived there for 13 year...

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Allissa Hartman

Director Co- diretor for Storm tv

Allissa Hartman is an 8th grade student in the Mass Media program at Lincoln Junior High. She loves to be in the studio behind the scenes or even filming. Allissa likes to shoot her bow, go river fishing, and loves animals. ...

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Abbie Johnson

Photography/ Story segments

Abbie Johnson is a new 8th grader this year at LJH from culver community middle school. Abbie enjoys dancing with her dance group where she attends competitions for dancing. English is abbie’s favorite class because of how m...

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