DIY’S Christmas Ideas

DIY'S Christmas Ideas

Victoria Vancza, Staff Reporter

Don’t know what to do? These are ideas for Christmas that you and your children can make. Did you know that you can make a Christmas tree using a stick and ribbon, what about a colorful ornament? The items you will need to make a Christmas tree is one stick, different kinds of ribbon, and a little star. You will need to tie the ribbons to the stick and glue the star on the top, that’s all you need to do to get your very own Christmas tree.

What about a colorful ornament? You can hang your own ornament on your Christmas tree! You need a clear ornament, paint, sparkles, glitter anything small. The first step is to take the ornament and dip the ends in paint, after that you throw sparkles on it or glitter and you get your very own ornament.


Wanna make a fun way to countdown Christmas? There are 24 pockets and in each pocket they are filled with special treats. Each day your children can grab a special treat for that day. All you need is candy, ribbon, construction paper, colored pencils and glue. Take construction paper and fold it in half like a little pocket, make 24 little pockets, once you’re down you will need to glue the pockets on the contruction paper and put ribbons on the side, after your down you will need to take the colored pencils and write numbers on the bottom and you can put a christmas tree at the top of the pocket or a little snowflake.