Time to Be Jolly!

Austin Orellana, Reporter

There’s only 20 days until Christmas and most Christmas traditions are meant to be done before Christmas day. So, why don’t you learn about some and try them out with your family. It’ll be a good way to bond with your family and spend time with them. There are many Christmas traditions that many people do. Every family has different traditions that they do for Christmas. Have you ever wondered about all the Christmas traditions other families do?


My family makes traditional dishes for the rest of the family sort of like Thanksgiving. My family also organizes a cookie-baking party and invites friends and family as a way to celebrate Christmas. Make the same entree for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day every year? You could make a gingerbread house with your family.


Some people get a handful of friends and/or family together and go caroling. You could listen to some holiday music and/or check out all of the holiday decorations in your neighborhood such as Christmas lights. You could walk door to door delivering Christmas cookies after you’ve made a batch since Christmas is the season for giving. To celebrate Christmas, my family participates in some outdoor winter activities such as sledding and ice skating.


Many families such as mine celebrate the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ tradition to keep the young kids on their best behavior. You could read holiday books such as ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ to the young ones before bed each night. You could set up a holiday playlist that your family listens to in the car or at home. You could camp out in front of your Christmas tree for one night.


Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen and give out food to families in need. You could donate canned foods to a food bank by starting a canned food drive in your neighborhood. Deliver treats such as cookies to your local fire station, police department, and local hospital to show that you’re thankful for them. They will be working during the holiday and this works especially well if you have a family member that works at one of those places like I do. You could volunteer at your local senior citizens center and check if there’s a giving tree that’s specifically for the residents.


You could draw names in your nearest family and make a gift for that person. Some people have a tradition where they pick names randomly and only give gifts to the person they drew. My family only buys gifts for the kids in the family as a Christmas tradition. Some people have a laugh during Christmas with a gag gift tradition where you give a funny gift to a family member and you change who you give it to every year.


Some families have a tradition where you open up one gift on Christmas Eve every year or a tradition similar to this one. You could track Santa’s progress across the globe on NORAD, which will probably work well with younger kids. You could start a tradition where you read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve at bed time. My family used to get matching pajamas for the kids to wear on Christmas Eve so that we could take a family photo.


Many families such as mine have a tradition where you open all the gifts at 12:01 a.m. on Christmas Day so that the kids will go to bed early and be able to get their presents sooner. You could choose a family member at random to pass the gifts out to everyone. You could invite family, friends, and neighbors over at Christmas evening for games, dessert, and to relax from the holiday. You could go out for breakfast and let someone else do the cooking.




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