D.I.Y. Week 2

Brenna Large and Grace Hinderlider

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String Balloons

These are great for gifts and holidays. This is a sticky craft so don’t wear your good clothes.

Here is what you need

  1. Yarn( A lot of it too!)
  2. Glue
  3. Water
  4. Paper cups
  5. Some Candy
  6. Balloon

Now let’s make the craft.

  1. In a Paper Cup add in glue and the same amount of water
  2. Blow up the balloon and tie it shut
  3. Cut some yarn and dip it in the glue mixture
  4. Take the yarn and wrap it around the balloon( you can take different colors of yarn too)
  5. Let the balloon dry
  6. Once the balloon is dry you pop the balloon and remove it from the yarn shell
  7. Place your candy inside the string balloon


This is so simple and is a great way to give a sweet little gift or a valentine. They can also be used a mini pinatas or decorations to hang in your bedroom.


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