Book Nook Week 4!

Skye Allen

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Hello and welcome back to the Book Nook.  Last week I reviewed Savvy If you haven’t already you can check that out as well.  This week I have another amazing book for you.


Book 4- The Fault In our Stars

Published: January 10, 2012

Lexile: 850


Written by: John Green


This story is about a girl named Hazel Grace. She is like any other ordinary girl except that she is battling cancer.  She is  going on an adventure of her own through this inspiring book.  Hazel’s life has been consumed by cancer and support groups, that her mom makes her go to, until she meets Augustus Waters, that is.  Augustus also has cancer, but despite his bite from cancer, he drags Hazel out of depression with his positive attitude. Hazel and Augustus go through a lot together and are there for each other through everything.  Everything seems to be turning around for Hazel until….Pick up this book to find out how this story ends.


This book really opened my eyes and gave me more knowledge of cancer. This book showed me what cancer is and how it can affect someone’s life.         You can get really attached to the characters and can connect with how they feel.  The author did great a great job writing this and you can imagine yourself in the story with the characters.

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