Book Nook 8- If I Stay

Skye Allen, Reporter/Interviewer

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Book Nook 8- If I Stay

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Hi and welcome back to the Book Nook. The last book I did was Wonder, and if you want to read my review on it, it will be under Book Nook at the home page. This week, I’ll be doing a book review on If I Stay


Book 8-If I stay

Published: 2010

Lexile: 830


Written By: Gayle Forman

Mia is different than her family. Her family likes rock music, they play guitars, and they join bands. Mia plays the cello and likes to play classical music. Mia has never really fit in, even her boyfriend is in a famous rock band.  Her family decides to take a road trip and everything is fine until something horrible happens. Now it is up to Mia to make a choice, but how can she possibly decide after what happened? Pick up this book to see what happened and what she choose.


My review-

I thought this book was really thought out and was a great book. This book can teach people how to deal with loss and grief in many ways. The author created a character that had a great personality, big dreams, and also had insecurities.  Gayle Forman did a great job on this book, though it had it’s flaws I liked this book.


Critic reviews-

Written byAGbookworm
January 13, 2011

This book is a really good story. I think it sends the message that you should never give up on your dreams. Mia is a good role model because she is brave and a diligent worker when it comes to Cello.


Quite often, I found the story to be a bit… messy. It constantly jumped from one thing to another, much to my irritation. To sum the book up, If I Stay was just a jumbled mess of memories, lacking one necessary ingredient: cohesiveness.



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