Book Nook 10! – Cinder

Skye Allen, Staff Reporter

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Hi and welcome back to the Book Nook. Last week I reviewed Slated if you want to read about that.





By- Marissa Meyer

If the world wasn’t dealing with enough already ( There is a plague killing many people quickly on earth ) the Lunar people ( A race that lives on the moon ) is threatening war over earth. The king is sick and the everything is left on Prince Kai’s shoulders.


Cinder has been living a hard life with her two stepsisters and her step- mother.  She has been living this life since she got adopted, after the surgery that let her live, and made her cyborg. Cinder is a mechanic, one of the best there is, but the less people who know why the better. She does not let many people know about her being a cyborg, because people cannot accept that she is different.


Since  is a cyborg her step-mother treats her like a machine that she owns and controls, which by law she does. Cinder has no freedom with her step-mother around, everything Cinder is and owns belongs to her step-mother. Cinder does not remember who she was before the surgery that made her the way she is now. She was told about her past, but is it really true…? Just when Cinder thinks that her life couldn’t get any worse something happens. Could this horrible event lead her to her true past…? or is the story she was told really true…?  Pick up this book to reveal the truth to her story.


My Opinion

I like the view of the future in this book, how the author made a future where earth may be at peace with each other, but other dangers are laid out. Overall the author made a really good book that had a lot of creativity put into it. Though I loved this book I did think it was predictable and I had figured the book out before the end. You might not think this though and I encourage you to try and read this book.


Critic opinion

By:Evie Seo

Ridiculously well-written, taut, original, deeply emotional and gorgeously mesmerizing, it’s the definition of a page-turner.

By: Christina

I wasn’t surprised by the big reveal, because hints were placed early on, but Overall, a terrific and unusual retelling of the Cinderella story in futuristic China– well written with wonderful characters. Meyer is an author to watch.

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