Yarn Flowers

Grace Hinderlider, Interviewer/Reporter

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This D.I.Y. is great for the spring weather that is finally heading our way. For this cute and easy D.I.Y. you will need…..


  • A fork (plastic or metal)
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Yarn


  1. First, you will put a pipe cleaner on the edge of the fork. Make sure there is pipe cleaner sticking out from each side.
  2. Hold it in place while you wrap yarn around it. Wrap as much yarn around the for as you would like.
  3. When you get the desired size, bring the longer side of the pipe cleaner around the yarn and wrap it around the smaller side.
  4. Use yarn to wrap where the pipe and the yarn meet.
  5. After you have put the yarn there and tied it, wrap another pipe cleaner around that. Cut off the extra.
  6. Put the scissors through the loop in the yarn and cut it.
  7. You can use the extra pipe cleaner to make leaves if you would like.
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