Book Nook 11- Epic

Skye Allen, Interviewer/Reporter

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Hi, and welcome back to the Book Nook. I did not have a book last week, because I was finishing the book I was going to put up this week. My last book I did was Cinder if you want to take a look at that.





By: Conor Kostick


Could you imagine living in a world where your lifestyle was dependent upon a video game? That’s the kind of world that Erik lives in. In the game Epic, you create a character and go on adventures and kill dangerous monsters. The catch is, if your character dies, you lose everything he/she had; that may not sound so bad, but the money you earn in the game is what you use in real life.


Erik realizes that nobody adventures or explores the game anymore. When something happens to his dad, he realizes that he needs to do something to get him back. He and his friends are on an adventure to get Erik’s dad back and everything is going well until….?  Pick up the book to find out.


My review-

This was a good book with interesting characters. This book could use a little work. It was a little hard to follow at the beginning, but overall, it is a good book.


Critic review-

By:  Amanda P.

The book had a reality and an alternate reality within Epic. I found it hard to distinguish between the two at the beginning, but that confusion did not last long. I definitely recommend this book if you like sci-fi and a little fantasy.


By: Karsyn

It was definitely different, and I did end up liking many parts of it in the second half. Part of the issue is that I didn’t really like the characters.



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