Glitter Bottle!

Glitter Bottle!


One benefit you can have from this glitter bottle is you can use it to relax by watching the glitter go to the bottom. Another benefit is when you put a child in time out give them the bottle, shaken up, tell them once the glitter settles they can get up. Watching the glitter can calm down the children and make them think about what they did wrong and why they are in time out. Another important benefit is that they are a lot of fun to have and to make. They also are just a lot of fun to just play with.


Supplies Needed:

1.Glitter (whatever color want, As much as you want/)

2.Glitter Glue ( Same color as glitter) (Half the bottle)(Add more if it goes to fast)

3.Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue(Half the bottle)

4.Smart Water’s Bottle (Or whatever type of water bottle wanted)

5.Confetti (optional/As much as you want)

6.Water ¾ the bottle (Better results with purified tap water)


The steps to the Glitter Bottle:

  1. Fill your bottle ¾ the way full
  2. Dump in half of your tacky glue
  3. Dump in your glitter (as much as you want)
  4. Dump in your glitter glue (Half the amount of glitter you put in
  5. Close lid
  6. Shake well
  7. Adjust things that you want
  8. Glue the lid