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I am a person that will take a picture of anything in whatever place it is. Photography is a trait I got from my dad; he used to always want to whip out his camera and take a picture of our family. I got my own Nikon camera a few years back, and that is when I started to pick up on it. Then I got my iPhone 5s, which is what I take my pictures on now; and I mostly take pictures of nature, which I think is my specialty.


Taking photos is something that doesn’t need a lot of practice if you are doing it just for fun. Anything in this world is something to take a picture of, it is human nature in a way to look at things in a beautiful way. I hope when I am older to finally do it professionally, after many, many years of practicing.


Photography is a pretty easy thing to do, but there is some things you will need in order to take quality pictures. I do take most of my photos on my phone, but I also use my Nikon COOLPIX S7000.


Most of the Nikon cameras are around $200-$700. There are other brands like Canon, Olympus, and Kodak. These are just to name a few.


Next, you need to learn to get the right angles for a good picture. Most of my camera angles are in many different positions. One time, I even had to lay on the ground. All you really need for the camera angles, is to find the angle you think is the most fitting for what picture you’re taking.


I hope I helped you on your journey of photography. Just remember that it doesn’t matter what you take a picture of as long as you like it; there is a ton of abstract type photos in the world. Good luck, and have fun with it!  (Here are a few photos I have taken in the last year or so.)

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