@TEAMLJHS Parent Newsletter 5.16.16

@TEAMLJHS Parent Newsletter 5.16.16

 @TEAMLJHS Parent Newsletter



A Note from the Principal:

We closed this last week with an all student convocation presented by our High School acting class students and a group of Lincoln students. The program was geared towards school and social issues that adolescents face. The program made students laugh but more importantly made them think about choices they make everyday as teenagers. It was a moving learning experience for both staff and students. I would suggest asking your student about the program and their thoughts about the issues such as bullying, anxiety, depression, self harm, and social media.

This week 7th grade students will attend a program on Tuesday about making positive choices presented by the PATH organization from Valparaiso. All students will also attend the school play “Geek” presented by our own students under the direction of Mr. McNally. The play will be performed for our students on Thursday during the day and for parents and the community on Wednesday and Friday evenings .

Have a great week!  Now, for the rest of the story.  CLICK HERE

Mr. Gault