Author of the Week: Ally Carter

Regan Watkins

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Author of the Week- Ally Carter

Article by: Regan Watkins

Ally Carter is a 43 year old,  American Author born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma. In high school, she graduated as class co-valedictorian. She graduated from Oklahoma State University, and Cornell University. Before she became a full time writer she worked in the agricultural field.

As of February 2017, she has published 18 successful novels.  Her first novel “Cheating at Solitaire” was published in 2005. The next year she published her second novel, “Learning to play Gin”. Her success just took off from there. I have read “All Fall Down”, and really enjoyed it.

Here in our LJH library we have as listed below:

  • Book 1 and 2 of Embassy Road
    • Book 1 titled “All Fall Down”, and is going to be a Young Hoosier book of 2017.
    • Book 2 titled “See How They Run”
      • The 3rd book in this series titled “Take The Key And Lock Her Up” should be in by Spring Break.
  • Books 1 through 5 of the Gallagher Girls Series.
    • Book 1 Titled “I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You”
    • Book 2 Titled “Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy”
    • Book 3 Titled “Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover”
    • Book 4 Titled “Only The Good Spy Young”
    • Book 5 Titled “Out Of Sight, Out Of Time”
      • The 6th book titled “United We Spy” should be in the library by Spring Break.


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