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Lincoln Jr. High School

World’s Finest® Chocolate Fundraiser

September 26th- October 9th


On September 26th, LJHS will begin our 1st annual World’s Finest Chocolate sale.  With the economy the way it is, we have chosen to conduct this fundraiser because most people like chocolate, it is a great value, and easy for the students to sell.  This is an opportunity for our school to raise needed funds for various student experiences throughout the year.  We plan to raise several thousand dollars with this fundraising project.  We keep half of the total sales. Thank you in advance for your help!

Each case of WORLD’S FINEST® CHOCOLATE contains a variety of 60 items, (Solid Milk Chocolate bars, Caramel bars, Crisp bars, Almond bars and Solid Dark Chocolate bars). All bars: $1.00 EACH and contain a valuable local coupon offer from THREE  

Students will have the opportunity to turn in money daily to their advisory teacher. Please realize that you are responsible to pay for all chocolate taken, once it is given to the student.   All requests for additional candy should be made to your student’s advisory teacher.  If you have multiple children in our school, we will only send one box of chocolate out at a time.  Again, once your first box is sold, you may sell additional boxes for your other children.  You may prepay in order to take more than one box at a time.

We have some really great CASH prizes along with a chance to win such items as a Nintendo Switch, 32” Smart TV,  and LIMO LUNCHEON with friends.  All Prizes can be won by simply selling ONE CASE. Also, sell one case and get out of class to attend our Fall tailgate party at 2:00 on Oct. 13th.  Sell two cases and get out of class at 1:00 for the Fall tailgate party on Oct. 13th.  The more you sell, the more chances received. Every Case sold will win a CASH Prize, guaranteed at least $2.00. Prizes will be announced at the Fall Tailgate Party on October 13th.

If you would simply rather donate to LJH instead of having your student participate in the candy sale, checks or cash may be sent in and given to your child’s advisory teacher during the fundraiser.  A donation of $30.00 qualifies your student to attend the tailgate party on Oct. 13th and eligible for the Big Prizes.  If you would like your student to abstain from the sale, please write a note to his/her advisory teacher by Wednesday September 20th.  This will allow for us to order the correct amount of candy.  Thank you for your help and cooperation with this fundraiser.  Your participation will help make this program a success for our students.


Here is a list of areas and activities that the funds will support:  

South Bend Cubs Reading Trip

Academic Teams Funding

School Clubs

Convocations for Students

Student Field Trips

Math Calculators

Kitchen Supplies for FACS class

8th Grade T-Shirts

Mass Media Class

Advisory Class Supplies

End of Year Awards

Classroom Literacy programs  

Storm Watch Program


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