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Words of Wisdom 12.11.17

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I have a question for you. Do you ever give anything to charity? You say, Hey! I’m just a kid ! I don’t have anything to give to charity! Wrong! How about cleaning out your closet and giving away some shoes or jeans  you’ve outgrown, or how about sending some of your allowance money to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross? (Every dollar counts.) How about simply being charitable in the way you treat others? Thomas Middleton, seventeenth-century English author, says: ” Charity is never lost … it ever does a work of beauty and grace upon the heart of the giver.”  In other words, you don’t lose anything when you are charitable. Instead you gain a bigger heart, a greater sense of love for yourself and others. So the question is this: Do you want more beauty and grace in your life? Then remember the words of Thomas Middleton and be charitable to others.

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Words of Wisdom 12.11.17