Fun with FACS

Where can I have fun? Facs Class! This week, the  Facs 1 class is participating in their first sewing lab! What are they making? Aprons! This class is starting out on making their very own aprons, all by themselves! Each student was responsible for getting their fabric and thread. Then, the class started their project on the 24th. Digital Storm Reporters Rose Sherwood, Chloe Garner, and Stefany Ordonez traveled to the Facs lab and asked some questions, visited the students, and snapped some photos of the action. Interviews are listed below:


Makayla Wilson, seventh grader, stated, “We are making aprons. We got to buy a spool of thread, and fabric of our choice. I like the ability (in facs class) to make our own apron. I’m really excited to use it.”


Abby Nelson, seventh grader, also said, “I like sewing. It’s a lot of fun. I think it’s cool, and I like expressing my creativity.”


Donny Poczik, seventh grader, told us, “I like how I get to sew during school. I’m excited about the cooking in Facs 2, and figured that Facs 1 might be interesting, as well.”


Turns out, it was. Each student is making their own apron, by themselves. They are learning to navigate the ways of sewing with the machine and by hand. It turns out, a lot of the students in Facs class took the class because they liked the idea of being able to express their creativity. Photographers Stefany Ordonez, Axton Berger, Chloe Garner, and Rose Sherwood took a few pictures of the sewing in action, as well as before and after pictures.


These aprons are going to be used in Facs 1 and 2, when students get to cook food. Of course, you don’t have to take the Facs Class in order to make an apron by yourself. If this craft interests you, there is a link below to instructions:


“Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein


Also, tune into our radio live on the 27th to learn more about the lab and to hear the student’s input on what they are creating.