“Tragedy” Wins National Middle School Best Film

Tragedy Wins National Middle School Best Film

The 2018 Student Television Network (STN) Convention was held March 29, in Seattle, Washington.  This prestigious international film contest honors excellence in student filmmaking. This year, the Best Film for Middle School was awarded to Lincoln Junior High. The film titled, Tragedy, was written and produced by Abe Rebollo, Ivan Turcios, Juan Salas, Dom Giordano, Connor Schmiedlin, and Noble Bockman.


Each semester, LJH Digital Storm Mass Media II students at Lincoln, write and produce a five-minute film, as the culminating project for the semester.  A film festival is held both in the fall and spring to recognize and celebrate students’ accomplishments. During the fall festival, Tragedy, won in the categories of Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, and Best Director.  All films are submitted to the STN Film Excellence National Competition. They have now been awarded the prestigious STN Best Film award.  


The STN Film Excellence Awards consist of 4 Film and 7 Creative categories of films, which are written, shot, and produced between June 1, 2018 and December 5, 2018, and are open to all High School and Middle School filmmakers.  Middle Schools may only enter for Middle School Best Film. Films entered in Film Excellence categories may not exceed 5 minutes. Advisers may NOT shoot, write or edit any part of an Excellence entry. This is a hands-off contest and must be 100% student produced.

On Thursday, May 9, the 2019 Spring Film Festival will be held in the Lincoln Junior High auditorium beginning at 6:30 pm. Media II student films will will premiere, with an award ceremony concluding the program.  Lindsay Stone, Anchor, WNDU, will be the guest Master of Ceremonies. The LJH Digital Storm Film Festival is open to the public, free of charge.